Can You Guess How Many Minutes a Day the Average Family Spends Together?

Parents blamed work, chores, school, TV, and “hectic” schedules on the loss of family time.

Hi. Bye.

American families don’t really spend quality time together, clocking in just 37 minutes of family time together per day.

Intense work hours and activities took people away from their families so much so that on a typical weekday, they rarely got 45 minutes when they were all together, reports a new study that asked 2,000 parents with school-aged children across the country how much time they all spent together.

Quality time with the whole family did get better on the weekend, with families spending up to two hours and 40 minutes together, or the length of a long movie.

This (obviously) doesn't include passive time together that's spent apart in the same location, like while sleeping. Parents blamed work, chores, school, TV, and “hectic” schedules on the loss of family time.

“As a family-friendly destination, we know the positive benefits a vacation can have on a family,” said Jay Burress, president and CEO of Visit Anaheim. “A vacation offers a refreshing opportunity for families to leave their hectic routines at home and focus on bonding with each other, building memories that last a lifetime.”

As for parents by themselves, the average couple asked got about 20 date nights a year together. More than half said they only got 12 date nights a year, or about one a month, and some got even less than that due to other obligations. When they did get dates together, most people said it involved running errands. Half those asked said they definitely don’t get enough alone time with their partner.

Family vacations were even less frequent. The average family gets one week away on vacation all together, and say it’s easier to try to find activities near home to do together.

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