John Cena's On-Screen Sex Scenes Made Nikki Bella Very Upset (Duh.)

Seeing your partner be physically affectionate with someone else can be threatening to the relationship.

Nikki Bella admits it wasn’t easy watching John Cena have sex on-screen.

She told girlfriends at her bachelorette party in Paris, France, that it drove her crazy to se her guy with another woman, even if it was for a role. The conversation aired on Total Bellas, where she also admitted the two have put their wedding on hold, saying they are "just friends" for right now.

"Imagine watching your man do a sex scene and have the whole world see his big butt," she said. "You know, you get visuals. I swear, I couldn't masturbate forever because I just think of the sex scene."

She was referring to Amy Schumer’s 2015 flick, Trainwreck, where he showed off his body in a steamy sex scene with the comedian. He also showed off his butt in the movie Blockers.

While promoting Trainwreck, John admitted it was difficult telling Nikki what exactly his scenes would entail.

"Honestly, I didn't think I'd get the part and I kept putting it off, not telling Nicole and not having the discussion of, 'Hey, there may be some graphic scenes,'" he said. “So, I got it. And I couldn't say no. So I kind of walked in one day and was like, 'Hey, I'm kind of just doing this,' and that was the wrong approach. I mean, she has such beautiful brown eyes and they glowed like red hellfire. And like she has such a great smile, but she turned into the Alien and The Predator all at once. [Instead of asking] It was more like a forgiveness thing and, note to all you guys out there, that's a bad approach.”

Dr. Elizabeth Lasky, Ph.D., says seeing your partner be physically affectionate with someone else can be threatening to the relationship.

“Part of what makes being in a committed relationship special is the uninterrupted connection between two people, particularly in regards to physical affection,” she says. “For the most part, people have sex with their partner and it is an intimate and connecting moment. Once something comes up that can threaten this connection, it’s not uncommon for one of the partners to feel disconnected and uninterested.

“Thinking of your partner, or actually being able to see your partner, having a sexual experience with another person can lead to feelings of mistrust and in some cases disgust. These feelings are understandable and are often a symptom of general mistrust and disconnection in a relationship, and could mean the relationship is on shaky ground.”

"Always the best way to handle it is to talk to your partner openly and honestly,” Dr. Lasky adds.

“Sometimes approaching a conversation with a question like ‘would it be OK if I shared some feelings right now?’ Or ‘I’d like to make a request. I would like to share some feelings with you.’ These are some skills that my clients use all the time to get what they want in their relationships and to keep misunderstandings at bay.”

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