With These Three Words, Did Prince Harry Just Reveal If Meghan Markle Is Having a Girl or a Boy?

Do Harry and Meghan know something we don't?

Prince Harry either knows the sex of his baby with Meghan Markle ... or he’s really, really leaning one way. 

Meghan, about 12 weeks pregnant, is due in early 2019, but Harry’s already given us a clue to what they’re having.

On Sunday morning, during their royal tour of Australia, a fan yelled, “I hope it’s a girl!” to Harry. Harry responded, “So do I!” laughing as he walked on.


Earlier on the trip, he also hinted at a female name he liked, telling a new mom at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne that he loved her little girl’s name, Harriet. "That's a great name,” he told her.

Sure, the red-haired prince could like that name because it sounds like his, but if they end up welcoming a baby girl come next spring, that "so do I" will officially have been the first sign.

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