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Was Caitlyn Jenner Truthful About Her No-Show at Brody Jenner's Wedding?

Her son said he "wasn't surprised" about her absence.

Caitlyn Jenner recently skipped her son Brody Jenner's wedding in Bali. A few days before the ceremony, an anonymous source claimed to PEOPLE that Caitlyn "[had] work commitments that have been set up for months and couldn’t be changed in the end.”

Now, Brody seems to be publicly questioning Caitlyn's no-show to the same publication.

“It was a big disappointment,” Brody told PEOPLE, which reported that Caitlyn is planning to throw the couple a party in Los Angeles. “Especially considering that she had known about the wedding for a year.”

Sounds like Brody is not buying it, and sadly he said he "wasn't surprised." He also revealed that his half-sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner didn't even as much as RSVP. Ouch.

Caitlyn told Broadly that she's emotionally isolated from her children, and spends a lot of time by herself.

“I got the trans community out there bashing on me, I got the Kardashians out there bashing on me,” she said. “All I do is sit here in the house and try to stay out of trouble.”


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