Pet Friendship Necklaces Honor Your True Better Half

Because pets are better than human friends.

When we were growing up, there was no friendship status symbol more popular than shared-heart best friend necklaces. Whether you were a “BE FRI” (cool) or a “ST ENDS” (less cool), it was a golden indicator that you had a better half. 

The necklaces went out of style decades ago, but as we all know, the ‘90s are back. And with them come repurposed friendship necklaces from Emily McDowell Studio—purveyor of stylish goods and universal truths.

But here’s the kicker: the new-and-improved version has been reinvented to honor your (let’s be honest) real best friend: your pet. The “My Better Half Charms” are split in the same-old-nostalgic way, but the halves are meant to be worn around your neck and on your pet’s collar, respectively.

There are four sentiments—Best Friends, Life Saver, Soul Mates, and You Rescued Me—all of which nod to the unconditional love we have for our four-legged friends. So unlike the one you wore in middle school, it will never wind up tossed in the trash because Melissa decided to ditch you for the cool kids. 

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