DJ Kandrew's Editors try and figure out where Angry Melissa came from.

on Jun 27, 2011

Love is in the air this week, and not just for Jes and Johnny. Everyone had to bear their souls (more on that later) to Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame in the love song challenge. (But did you know Ryan also wrote Halo for Beyonce? We didn't.) The final results produced some great chemistry due to Sonyae's selection of teams, but did lead to the most awkward elimination segment thus far in the competition. 

Biggest Jump on the Sartorial Charts

Obviously this was a great week for Sonyae. Not only did she land the top spot in the Hook Challenge allowing her to select all the teams, but she also won the Elimination Challenge and received immunity. While all of these were great accomplishments, the thing we really can't get out of our heads (besides her catchy lyrics of course) is that outfit she wore for the Hook Challenge:

How cool was that shirt?! The whole ensemble was great, so kudos to Sonyae for her victories on all fronts this week.