DJ Kandrew's Editors discuss Jes' Jetta and Keith's deep knowledge of the Biebs.

on Jul 15, 2011

No. 1 Bieber Expert

The judges spent a lot of time arguing over whether "scan your ass-ets" was appropriate for Justin Bieber. However Keith was vehement that the lyrics were definitely "Biebs-appropriate" and "Biebs-friendly." What this competition needs is more of Keith rating songs according to the Biebs-ness. Obviously anything that is Biebs-worthy is going to be a hit, so it makes sense. And if Keith is comfortable enough to use "Biebs" as a prefix, he'd probably be up for the challenge.

No. 1 Worst Thing Said in the Johnny vs. Nick Showdown

We did get a very childish kick out of Johnny calling Nick "Dick Nittoli" (judge all you want), but that was certainly not the worst thing said. Who knew so much animosity could be built up in one episode? Things really reached their worst when Nick started yelling at Johnny to swear on his mother's life that he considered incorporating his feedback. Let's leave Mrs. Marnell out of this! But in the end the judges sent Johnny home, which was only fair since he wrote the whole song himself.

Next week Nick's attitude is still in full force and this time he's butting heads with Scotty and Sonyae: