DJ Kandrew's Editors explore the apparent sex appeal of hipster rap.

on Jun 20, 2011

No. 1 Whitest Rapper

While Johnny may sound like "John Mayer's cousin rapping" to Nick, the undisputed winner of this category was Jackie. And while her line, "I wanna be a super duper rapper, but as it still stands, I'm still a cracker," made a strong case for the title, it was her little robot dance at the end that sealed the deal.

Biggest Jump on the Romance Charts

In the span of two episodes the Jes and Johnny romance went from timid flirting and innocent hand holding to full on making out. Evidently watching Johnny spit some rhymes in his super awkward/endearing and totally hipster style really rubbed Jes the right way. That wedding reception will most definitely be held at the Gowanus Yacht Club.

No. 1 Reason for Being a Nurse

None of the judges seemed pleased with Amber's performance this week, from her lyrics to her responses to criticism. It was pretty clear she was going home once Kara said she sounded more like a nurse than a songwriter in her explanation of why she should stay in the competition. But hey, maybe she can be a nurse/songwriter and produce calming music for hospitals?