DJ Kandrew's Editors muse about the importance of spelling and the length of songwriting sessions.

on Jun 14, 2011

Number 2 John Mayer Song

Your editors love Johnny (editor, really just Kim), so when he blew the roof off of the hook competition with "Going To Where I Need To Be" we (she) were (was) thrilled.

The final version was wonderful -- perhaps you would even call it a "wonderland" of a road-trip song. Yup, "wonderland" because it was exceptionally John Mayer-esque.

Thankfully the sound was the only thing Johnny (another coincidence) swiped from Mr. Mayer and not the strained facial expressions. No one wants to see that as a performance trend.

In the end Jackie's gang didn't live up to their hook. Nicks greatest contribution, a sweet little riff was buried amongst goofy lyrics about not believing in losing sleep, as though it was Santa, drug the song down. And after Jackie mentioned Karen was maybe a little useless (while still holding her hand in solidarity, of course) it was Ms. Country Club that headed home. Adios Karen, we'll miss your "Southern spice."

Next week the gang is writing rhymes for "Darkchild" (Nana -- it's impossible to say without thinking of the "Say My Name" shoutout) Randy Jerkins. This could get awkward