DJ Kandrew's Editors are still a little put off by Jes' intense freak out.

on Jul 22, 2011

Oddly enough in the week about empowerment songs, not one person came off particularly empowered (except maybe Nick by the end). Brian and Jes tried to throw one another under the bus in order to stay in the competition and Scotty’s whole team thought their song was a total flop even though it ended up being the judges’ favorite. It seemed like they kind of missed the flame rather than kissed the flame.

No. 1 Most Inappropriate Comment from Nick This Week

Nick really doesn’t have much of a filter. Exhibit A:

But this week he raised the bar once again by saying that Jes would do well with empowerment songs, because they’re all about “being on the rag” or “boyfriends not calling you back.” Oof. I mean come on, you knew this was going to be televised, right? Comments like that aren’t going to win you a lot of dates (especially not with Colbie Caillat).