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Sonyae Elise: Platinum Hitmaker

Sticking With You

Dare to Suck

DJ Have My Babies

It's Poppin'

I Like The Way You Move

On Pause

The Exorcist

Reign Over Me

Nice Guys Finish Last

When Egos Collide

The Word is Hubris

Like a Tohn of Bricks

A Safe Bet

Sincerely Yours

10 Things I Love About You

All You Need Is Love

Lovin' It

Not Hot

Clever Girl

Rap Battles

Join the Love-Fest

The Weakest Link

I Get Chills

Speak And Spell

A Place of Truth

Straight to the Vein

Panic at the Disco

Keep It Simple Stupid

Sicker Than the Remix

Get Loose

Setting the Bar

30 Minutes or Less

I Write the Songs

On the Hook

You Only Got One Second to Save the Song

Dr. Jekyll and Melissa Hyde's Editors try and figure out where Angry Melissa came from.

Love is in the air this week, and not just for Jes and Johnny. Everyone had to bear their souls (more on that later) to Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame in the love song challenge. (But did you know Ryan also wrote Halo for Beyonce? We didn't.) The final results produced some great chemistry due to Sonyae's selection of teams, but did lead to the most awkward elimination segment thus far in the competition. 

Biggest Jump on the Sartorial Charts

Obviously this was a great week for Sonyae. Not only did she land the top spot in the Hook Challenge allowing her to select all the teams, but she also won the Elimination Challenge and received immunity. While all of these were great accomplishments, the thing we really can't get out of our heads (besides her catchy lyrics of course) is that outfit she wore for the Hook Challenge:


How cool was that shirt?! The whole ensemble was great, so kudos to Sonyae for her victories on all fronts this week. 

No. 1 Love Story

Seeing those picture of Scotty and his boyfriend was cute, but didn't clinch him the top spot. This one may actually be a tie. On the one hand we have Nick's revelation that he thought he found the love of his life at sixteen and moved in with her only to have his heart broken. Hold on a sec, let's back up. Sixteen? How old was this girlfriend? Was she just his next door neighbor? Did they just "run away" together, stay at the local park until sundown, and then head home once they got hungry? Did she then break up with him for his poor planning of their grand escape/emancipation thus leaving him dateless for the junior prom? Clearly we have a lot of questions about this. However Melissa then chimes in with one of her odd lines, explaining that she's been on the prowl because she doesn't want to be forty and miss her "reproductive years." Why do we get the feeling that she leads with that every time she meets a potential suitor? Draw.

No. 1 Moment of Awkward Keyboard Usage

Was it just us, or was the image of Jes balancing that enormous keyboard on her tiny little legs while sitting in a gazebo super awkward? There were definitely stands for the keyboards when they panned to all the instruments. Why not make use of them? It seemed like if she had tried to play the keys on either end, the keyboard totally would have fallen over. 

No. 1 Most Familiar Song Title

We're pretty sure this may be a stretch for you, but cast your minds back to 2003. Remember Stacie Oricco and her smash hit Stuck? No? OK fine, just us. But she proclaims that she's "stuck on you," which came to mind when Nick sang his hook Stuck on You. Very different songs, but we really couldn't let the chance to mention Stacie Oricco slip away. 

Biggest Jump in Head Rocking

The judges seemed to really be feeling the songs this week, because there were some serious head motions happening. Jewel, Kara, and even Keith were all bobbing to the beats. While this provides us with a great deal of amusement, it does make it obvious when the judges are pleased or pissed. Kara in particular can't hide what she's feeling. So note to self, never play on Kara's poker team.

No. 1 Bizarre Transformation

So sweet, semi-eccentric Melissa must have taken a swig of some Jekyll and Hyde potion during this week's elimination. She was not having criticism from anybody, especially not Kara, who she warns not to "take an attitude" with her. (If she wanted to play hardball though, she really should have rethought those pig tails.) But seriously, where did that come from? How did she go from writing about nature and being dizzy to getting snappy with Kara DioGuardi? It was very off-putting. But you knew her fate was sealed when she kept dodging Jewel's question (which I think she asked maybe five times), "What line did you write?" Her survival tactic of being incredibly abrasive really didn't serve her well.

Next week we're putting the songwriters to the ultimate test -- busking! The question is, who would you give your money to if you saw them performing on the subway? 

The Write Girl

Kara explains why Sonyae was the winner and what each songwriter brought to the final challenge.

First off, I am so proud of the growth that Sonyae, Scotty, and Jes made over the course of the show. If I were in their shoes starting out, I don't know if I would have been able to take the pressure of the episode challenges. This was a writing boot camp and the strongest (with the exception of Johnny) definitely survived. Their diligence, team work, and commitment to learning is what landed them in the final three. Their songs were fantastic this week, and I believe they all have careers ahead of them in music.

The Winner ---- When we first met Sonyae, we knew she had a gift for lyrics and concepts, which is one of today's most important components to hit songs. But, she was seemingly at a disadvantage because she didn't play an instrument and I wasn't sure how that would translate during the course of the competition. Thankfully we began to see that Sonyae is musical. She knows what chords fit her melodies and that's why she was able to win this competition. Many topliners don't play an instrument but they are responsible for some of the biggest hits out there today. Their voices are their instrument and they sing what they feel and hear in their heads. Her melodies always came from an emotional place and I think that is why she really impressed us as well. She consistently delivered week to week. She would be an asset in any room of writers in any genre. For me, she is a force to be reckoned with and I think we will be seeing a Sonyae song on an album any day now.

And then there's Scotty who was stuck in adult contemporary ballad land when we first met him. During the course of the show, he figured out how to make more contemporary tracks and teamed up with people that pushed him to be younger, more rhythmic, and hipper. His melodic sensibility was always there, he just needed to put it on top of modern tracks. He also started scrutinizing his lyrics more during the season and that culminated in his best work, "Beautiful You." That song is a great personal anthem and I want to commend him for really speaking about such an emotional and personal subject and yet making it so universal.

Lastly Jes, a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice and passion for writing. When she first started out she would often get lost in her own piano world. Her songs were very niche and her melodies (while lovely) fit her voice more than they did the voices of other artists. Over the competition, she really learned how to condense her songs and make every part of them meaningful. She too has a gift for emotion in her melodies and by the end of the season was writing lyrics that could match the power of her music. "Come Alive" was a brilliant melodic piece of work.

I found it very interesting that all three contestants pulled from their own life stories when they were faced with creating the biggest hit of their lives. We encouraged them from the beginning to always come from an honest place. I don't think it's a coincidence that these were some of their strongest songs. Great writers will tell you their best material came from their real life experiences -- that's the inspiration part of a song, which is so crucial to making it great. The other part is craft, which we spent a lot of time discussing on the show. Hopefully all the contestants feel they are better writers because of the show. If they do, then we all did our jobs.

Good luck to them all. We are rooting for 'em!