Jewel explains how she came around to pop music and how difficult this week's elimination was.

on Jul 28, 2011

I thought all the writers began to come into their own on this show. They all showed a lot of growth from the first episode.

This was a judging panel that lasted into the wee hours of the morning, as we disagreed about who should be sent home. That's the beauty of art -– it's not a science. It's completely subjective, and there is sometimes no wrong answer -– just a difference of taste.

I really thought Nick deserved to stay. His song hit home for me and he finally delivered what we had been harping on him for the entire show. It was honest. It was universal, and I could see more bands cutting it than I could Jes'. I even thought his melody was strong. That's why you don't see me saying much on his elimination. It was hard for me to punish him for doing all the right things. It was a toss-up. But Jes' song was good too. She is starting to come on strong as the competition goes on, and I have to admire her can-do attitude. She knows the others look down on her, and yet she digs in and smiles and writes. You gotta admire that. She has a lovely voice and sells her songs well because she is appealing to listen to. We try to listen through that as judges and just hear the song, and that's where I still wonder who would cut the song she wrote besides herself. . .but she couldn't pick a better time to be turning on, and time will tell who the best writer is on the show. Right now, it's anybody's game.

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xo jewel