Jewel discusses what she loved -- and this episode's love song challenge.

on Jun 27, 2011

Hello loves!

This week's challenge was. . .the love song! One of the most universal and written about topics in history. So many great love songs have found their way into our hearts, from Bob Marley's "One Love" to Leona Lewis' bittersweet "Bleeding Love," written by this week's guest judge Ryan Tedder.

I really enjoy writing love songs. Some of my biggest singles like "You Were Meant For Me," "Foolish Games," and "Standing Still" were all love songs, written from different angles of the multi-faceted topic. There are so many subtleties in love; it's at once simple and complicated. It has so many shades ranging from childish abandon to crushing vulnerability, from the tender vines of renewed hope to the indigo moods of doubt. Love is always changing and is an endless topic. No matter how many people have written love songs before, you can always find a new way to say it. That's the trick. Nothing has greater potential for being cheesy and cliché than a love song. You definitely have to strive to be original and make people listen by expressing a unique angle on a highly overwritten topic.

Did you guys love Sonyae's concept as much as we did? "Love Me to Life." I love that. If I was in a co-write and that title was offered up, I would have been so into writing it. She really started to show her lyrical strength, and I thought she did well in choosing her co-writers. The sessions are starting to shape up into organized co-writes. Well, for some teams, that is. Sonyae's co-write had everyone working on their strengths: Scotty and Brian doing melody and music and Sonya working on lyrics.

The same can't be said of every session though. Nick, Johnny, and Jackie were fairly organized, and while Johnny's clever idea of introducing two new characters was a heady and smart ambition, the original focus of Nick's feeling got diluted.

Watching this episode was fun for me, because as I have mentioned, I am not privy to all that goes on behind the scenes. I come and go for my hook challenges and for judging, and so I was slow to catch on to Jes and Johnny's romance.

It was also interesting for me to see Jackie in her co-write. On the last episode I really got onto Jackie to task herself harder to realize she needs to listen to her co-writers, and not just talk over or steam roll everyone. It shuts co-writers down. And if you can shut the highly opinionated Nick down, that is saying a lot!