Jewel discusses the semantics of Scotty's title and the lack of edge in Brian and Jes' effort.

on Jul 22, 20110

Hello dolls,

This week's challenge was to write an empowering song, incorporating the lyric: "kiss the flame."

Scotty was the runner up, with what ended up being call "Reign."

Brian was the hook challenge winner with his song, and I think made a big mistake passing on Nick. Nick is a strong contributor, and able to put his personal feelings aside in a co-write. But I guess Brian and Jes held a grudge against him, and I think they suffered for it in the writing session. Brian definitely felt the pressure to write a good track and left Jes to write lyrics alone. A banging track is great, but if the content is lame, it won't save a song. In this case, the track wasn't banging -- and it didn't end up being Pink-esque. I liked that they used her as a focus to write with, but the track fell short of its goal, had no edge, and it felt sort of light, especially when paired with lyrics that just didn't have any edge or

This was a topic that both Brian and Jes felt strongly about. Both had terrible personal tragedies that they wanted to write about and heal. Those songs work very well, just think of most of Pink's songs, including one of her latest, "F--ing Perfect." The difference is her lyrics hit hard and say the truth on secrets people keep, and while Jes did try to be more poetic and metaphoric, it managed to not say a lot. It did not hit you in the guts and make you feel like a burden had been lifted by the end of it. So far, I think Brian is a better lyricist than Jes, and I was surprised he left it all to her. If they had teamed up, I feel it would have gone better. Instead they ended up with a watered down track and an angst-lite lyric. It was pleasant to listen to, but just not a smash.

Here in PA
Here in PA

I'm so upset!! The iTunes downloadable version of "Reign Over Me" doesn't have Nick and Scotty on it.

I love Sonyae and predict her to win, but the song sucks without Nick and Scotty. So mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's all about the ratings, not the talent anymore.

Here's my prediction of the obvious conclusion in the final episode. Orchestrated by Bravo. The judges can only do what they are told behind the scenes.

Sweet Lovable Jes vs. Nasty Nick. (They are the only two left who truly hate each other - optimal TV drama)

Jes prevails to provide the storybook ending. Good defeats evil.


The hardest part about watching this show is the cold hard fact that judging comes down to the current song. It was hard to watch Brian leave over Jess. I think Jess has a quirky/indie quality about her that makes her music enjoyable but not neccessary top 40 hits. Brian seems to have more range as an artist and I agree I do think he is a better lyricist but with that being said as I was watching all I could think was, "This isn't a contest looking for the next hit producer, it's looking for the next hit song writter. Jump in and help Jess with the lyrics." Saying that the song was very "5 years ago" I felt was you guys being nice because it felt very 10 years ago to me but I think there was something likable enough to it to see that it was made by two talented people. I heard no P!nk in it though nothing about it reminded me of her. It was kind of early Britney Spears. My main concern over picking Jess over Brian is that to me Brian independently has what it takes, the skills, the talent, start to finish needs no help, no assistance but this is the second time Jess has fallen short because she recieved no help whereas if you but Brian in that both all to himself start to finish he would have a polished well written well constructed song. Jess I can see as a Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Fiest-esque song writter but Brian I can see writting for all those artist and then some, across the genres. Style wise, I don't know if Jess has the range.

jayme  Evans
jayme Evans

The right song won! It's funny that they passed on Nick.... But attitude aside, I think he is the most talented. He is able to put personal things aside to finish a project and always contributes.... That's a true professional.

I started watching this show solely for Jewel... Fan from the start.... But I love the show and hope there are future seasons. xoxo


I have been a dedicated viewer of the show, and I will be the first one to admit that I can see the appeal that Nick has for Bravo. He stirs up controversy and brings the drama for what is, after-all, a TV show that has to have entertainment value to be successful. Up until this week's episode I was willing to hang in there with the undeserving, generic, and talent-less spectacle that was Nick in the name of keeping the show edgy for viewership. I believed that after Nick was kept around to cause the ultimate dramatic turn with Johnny's elimination we would all be spared his juvenile behavior and completely inflated ego, and he would finally be cut. This would be the reward for the viewers like me who have put up with watching him to this point hoping that we would be able to see true talent come through in the end. Sadly, this wasn't the case. Is is a tragic scenario that talented people have been eliminated because Bravo doesn't give the viewers of this show a little more credit. Clearly they think that we aren't mature enough to watch a show that uses real talent to to satisfy us and we have to be entertained with the same obvious tactics that work for their other shows. Too bad really, because I will no longer be watching. I guess this is one less viewer that Bravo has to worry about keeping happy with child-like rouses like Nick. Just a shame talented people lost out on an amazing opportunity because of it.

Michael Santi
Michael Santi

I must be honest...I am a big music fan, and the only person I like left of the final 4 is Jes who I picked to win. I hope she will be able to pull it off.

Should be interesting next week.