Jewel laments this week's elimination and Jackie's work style.

on Jun 20, 2011

Despite Melissa's kooky personality, the team came up with a solid song. Nick and Sonyae were both able to be willful, be heard, but also accept other ideas if they were better than their own for the good of the song. That attitude paid off. Here is where the song lacked: structure. I loved her song. I loved her rap. I loved her concept. Like Keith said, this is where we began to be a fan of Sonyae's. Her lyrics are solid, original, and based on personal experience. You believe what she's saying. However, she is not as strong when it comes to song structure, and as you heard, there were three different sections to their song, which can work on a song like "Teenage Dream," but here it was not as clearly defined. That's the only reason she came in second, and I know coming in second in her own preferred genre hurt. I hope she was able to get the message that she needs to work on song structure: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. A writer does not have to follow these rules -- but if they don't, the hooks and sections have to be so solid and clear that the listener isn't confused as to where the hook is.

Johnny, Scotty, and Jes made a good team as well. Scotty has a solid music background and was a smart choice for Johnny because the track and musical bed were crucial to pulling this song off. I loved Scotty's opera theme mixed in with the rap, as it added to the drama and the supernatural ghostly theme. It was hard to tell what Jes did lyrically for the song, but her voice did help sell the opera theme in the chorus.

Jackie was a winner in the hook challenge because Rodney and I liked her originality and felt that if she could take that humor the direction of Missy Elliot or other rappers who used humor, it could be a big win. No one else seemed to agree with us. It seems every other contestant hated her song and dreaded being picked for her team. In Amber's case, it seemed she actually channeled a real superpower of her own in the form of a supernatural premonition -- she really dreaded being picked for her team.

Jackie's song made me laugh. Don't get me wrong -- all of us judges enjoyed it, but the writers went further into the spoof and campy nature of the song, instead of figuring out how to make it more mainstream or even deep. Rodney hit the nail on the head -- they didn't add any social commentary at all to give the humorous topic some weight and a sting of truth. He brought up Eminem, who no doubt is a master at walking that delicate line of being funny and creating satire and social commentary at the same time.