Jewel discusses how pride comes before the fall and what she learned watching the Nick/Johnny co-write unfold.

on Jul 15, 2011

At the time of filming, I felt shocked and wished I could have seen what went down in the co-write. Now seeing this episode I finally was able to, and I feel we made the right decision. Nick is no hero, but it seemed clear he tried to co-write and he did have great melody ideas that were more in line with who they were writing for. Johnny could have made a better song if he incorporated Nick's melodies with his own lyrics. Instead, Johnny made a folky-sounding Jack Johnson type of song instead of a soul-rock-pop track for Gavin. I told Nick it would be impossible to be shut out of a session, but watching the show, I can tell you I have never had someone be so blatantly rude or dismissive in a co-write toward me. I do have pride, and if someone had treated me so condescendingly, making fun of me because of words I don’t know the meaning of, or by straight up ignoring me, I would have walked out and vowed never to co-write with them again.

I don't think Johnny wrote a bad song on purpose, hoping to get in the bottom and get Nick kicked off, at least I hope he didn't. My guess is he hated Nick and just felt better than him, shut him out, and it bit him in the butt. What do you guys think? It was hard, because there was no clear-cut hero here, and Nick hardly seemed to learn a lesson in humility as he gloated at the end. I wish so badly someone would hug him and tell him he is going to be ok, as I suspect there is a sweet, sensitive, giving guy under the false bravado and scrappy exterior. But alas, Nick will keep being Nick I suspect in the competition, and Johnny will continue to be very talented -- but sadly it will be back at home. Nick did say one thing right though -- he better start getting his rear in gear and delivering some better songs and growing, because he almost got kicked off.

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