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I Like The Way You Move

Kandi commends Scotty's dance moves, and discusses producing versus songwriting.

This episode would be one of the episodes that I totally disagree with the judges. As I watched Sonyae, Scotty, and Nick perform the song "Reign," I was thinking, "I wonder which one of them they are gonna send home." I really like them as writers, but I really felt like this "Reign" song was one of their worst songs so far that any one of them have been a part of creating. The only part I liked was when Nick rapped and Scotty started dancing. I loved the dance moves by the way. LOL. . .

Now, on to Jes and Brian’s song. I actually liked "The Last Candle." I’m not sure if I was just pulled in emotionally by their story or what, but I didn’t understand why the judges didn’t like it. Now I agree that the track could have been better but in my opinion this is a songwriting competition and not a producing competition. . .

Well, in the end I guess the lesson is when it comes to music, “what one person doesn’t like, someone else will."

So Brian, keep doing your thing! It’s not over for you. You are very talented and have the potential to write major hits in the future. I enjoyed the music you wrote on the show.

Much love,