Kandi Burruss

Kandi lets us know what she looks for in a dance track and sends Blessing some love.

on Jun 7, 2011

You gotta love dance music! I think its kind of easy to write a hot dance song. If you get a hot hook and a hot track, you're good. People just want to dance and sing the hook, and they don't pay as much attention to the verses in my opinion. Well, this is a songwriting competition so my opinion doesn't apply to this because we have to critique every single word they say.

Now the fact the Scotty has seven Top 10 dance records over seas seems like he should have the advantage. Is it even fair for him to compete? Hmmm. . .if he doesn't win that's going to make him look crazy.

I like Karen's hook "Make it Easy." I can hear Cher singing it. For whatever reason Jackie's hook "Unsinkable" didn't really do it for me. I thought it was cool, but Donna Summer liked it and she's the Queen of Dance so what do I know. . .

I absolutely hated Blessing's hook "Dance Romance." Even though I think Nick's attitude sucks most of the time I have to agree with what he said about Blessing. Nick said "We're not asking who's the best R&B cat, or who's the best blind guy with a dog that can sing, we're asking who's the best hitmaker. Who can write a hit in every different genre, that's me." Now what he said was harsh but true -- except the part about him being the best. . .the jury is still out on that one! LOL.

Nick's song "Moonwalk" was cool. I would have to hear it produced. Sometimes an idea sounds way better once it's recorded. I didn't like Amber's hook idea, "The Last Time," it was a little boring. I really liked Scotty's idea for "Paint The Club With Amazing," although I'm not surprised. This is his forte. Sonyae's idea was good. Melissa's hook "Hurricane" is cool, Johnny's idea "Push on You" was OK. Jes' idea "Sunlight" was pretty good, and I really liked Brian's hook "Ridiculous." I totally got where Brian was trying to go with it. Bringing back that whole "I'm Too Sexy" vibe that Right Said Fred did years ago with the low vocals.