Kandi Burruss

Kandi lets us know what she looks for in a dance track and sends Blessing some love.

on Jun 7, 2011

Nick killed me with his attitude, when he didn't get picked. Now let me say that I think he's talented. Just from the two episodes I've watched, I see his talent, but he kinda ticked me off when he called Sonyae a "ghetto b---h." He was a real B---H for saying it. I understood what he meant about he wasn't there to make friends, because in the end there will only be one winner BUT you don't have to like someone to have a mutual respect for one another. OK moving on. . .

It's hard to write in groups sometimes. Brian's team didn't see his vision with the low vocal, and he had to be a team player, which hurt him in the end. I personally thought the song worked either way in the low octave or the high, but the low vocal would have kept it more interesting.

So Karen's lyrics are very "simple." Now a producer friend of mine has a saying "Keep It Simple Stupid." A lot of the biggest hits have some of the simplest, corniest lyrics. We writers can over think things. Listeners want songs that are relatable and easy to catch on to. Personally I feel Karen's lyrics are tooooooooo simple but I'm not saying she can't be a hitmaker because of it.

Nick, Sonyae, Scotty, and Melissa make a great team. Well, I don't know how much input Melissa had in it. When she questioned the hook I was like is she crazy? It's super hot! Scotty cracked me up when he said, "Why does this look like a club I always go to? Oh, cuz everybody is gay!" LOL. I love when people are comfortable with their sexuality. There are a lot of closet gay men in the industry. It's refreshing to see he's not that.

So I have to say that I liked all three songs but "Paint This Club with Amazing" was my favorite. I can hear an established artist for each song. I still liked "My Ridiculous," even though Jes sang it instead of Brian. I think it works in either vocal range --which also shows how good of a song it was.

I hate that Blessing went home. I would have loved to see more from him because vocally he's hot, and I just don't think dance music was his strength. Unfortunately for him it was an early category in the competition. I wish you luck and blessings Blessing! I guess that was corny for me to say that but I really do wish you the best!

Much love,


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