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Sticking With You

Dare to Suck

DJ Have My Babies

It's Poppin'

I Like The Way You Move

On Pause

The Exorcist

Reign Over Me

Nice Guys Finish Last

When Egos Collide

The Word is Hubris

Like a Tohn of Bricks

A Safe Bet

Sincerely Yours

10 Things I Love About You

All You Need Is Love

Dr. Jekyll and Melissa Hyde

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Clever Girl

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The Weakest Link

I Get Chills

Speak And Spell

A Place of Truth

Straight to the Vein

Panic at the Disco

Keep It Simple Stupid

Sicker Than the Remix

Get Loose

Setting the Bar

30 Minutes or Less

I Write the Songs

On the Hook

You Only Got One Second to Save the Song

Not Hot

Kandi debates if all songwriters can rap and commends Sonyae's hook

Rap. Really??? With this crew? Give me a break!

When Jewel told Jackie that those were some of her better lyrics after Jackie made us suffer rapping that "I'm a cracker" hook. . .Ugh! I almost threw up.

Everybody can't rap. Even some of the best songwriters can't rap.

Sonyae's hook was the only one that was halfway decent. I did like Johnny's concept of walking through walls, but I don't know if I would have given him first place over Sonyae.


Much Love,