Kara DioGuardi

Kara shares what she thought Jackie's fatal error was and which song she bet on.

on Jul 8, 2011

I've got to give all the contestants some serious "props" for writing and singing their songs on the Santa Monica Boardwalk. That is not an easy challenge and I think overall they did a great job. Sonyae was especially courageous to sing without any music. But that's what I love about her. She just jumps right in and does what she has to do. That skill will serve her well in her songwriting career.

I really adored Jes' melody. She's great at creating dark pop melodies that are full of emotion. The Jes/Nick team could have worked but Nick took the feeling out of Jes' original idea. Instead of helping with the editing process, he wrote over what she had. Nick has a gift for making things singable and memorable, but the best songs have those two qualities and heart. I'm still waiting for his HEART to shine through. I know it's in there.

Jackie was probably at an advantage in this task as she has such an outgoing personality and people were charmed by her. She also had a really hooky chorus and good idea to start with, but picking the country genre was a fatal error. I liken that to me being in a room with a great chef and deciding that I (who can't even boil water) should make dinner.