Kara DioGuardi

Kara shares what she thought Jackie's fatal error was and which song she bet on.

on Jul 8, 2011

You have to identify everyone's strengths in a writing room and utilize them. Country lyrics were not a strength of anyone's on Jackie's team. The best country songs are like pieces of art. Every word is hand picked and slaved over. It's all about STORY and touching people. I always get my ass kicked when I go to Nashville -- in a good way.

Ha. I had to laugh when Johnny said I was scary. I agree that I can be hardcore at times but it's only because I want the writers to get better. AND THEY ARE. "Betting My Life" was by far the best song. When we did the hook challenge in Santa Monica, I was given a dollar to give to one of the contestants. I bet on the right song because Johnny got mine. It was genius to incorporate reggae and I loved Brian's bridge.

I was sad to see Jackie go and agreed with the other judges that she has talent and should continue on her journey.

Next week's episode is seriously dramatic. Definitely tune in. Some crazy stuff!