Kara DioGuardi

Kara shares why songwriters have to take risks -- and know when to pull back.

on Jul 30, 2011

Part of the fun of watching the full episodes of Platinum Hit has been seeing the hook challenges. Since I wasn't always involved in judging them, it's always a surprise to find out how a hook came to be. This week I was a little scared for the contestants when I heard the choruses they wrote. I felt like I was back in week two or three.

The hard part about being a writer is having to look in the mirror (after you've created something you think is the bomb) and tell yourself the hard truth. At the same time, you have to dare to suck in order to get to the good stuff. Nick and Scotty were very smart to rework their ideas. I agreed with Perez and Jewel that Scotty's melody was very good but the title, "DJ Have My Babies" was pretty out there. Then again, I don't go to the clubs so there may be some hot DJs I don't know about.

I loved making a surprise visit to Jes, Scotty, Sonyae, and Nick. It was very true to life as music executives always pop in on sessions and make comments or suggestions. Sometimes it can throw you off, but that's where your conviction as a songwriter comes into play. I was happy to see that they followed their hearts and ended up going down the right path. I will also never wear red lipstick again. Not a good look. . .