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Dare to Suck

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Nice Guys Finish Last

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Get Loose

Setting the Bar

30 Minutes or Less

I Write the Songs

On the Hook

You Only Got One Second to Save the Song

Like a Tohn of Bricks's Editors bid adieu to their favorite super duper rapper.

This week's challenge was all about risks. It seemed to us that everyone really committed to taking that beyond just the song lyrics, whether it was Johnny "Bettin' His Life" on reggae or Jewel getting just a wee bit risqué with her outfit. But who knew the biggest risk of all would be Jackie trying to do a country accent. 

No. 1 Most Effective Way to Busk

Be loud. Jackie turned her gift for gab into a Hook Challenge win by seemingly just drowning out all the other performers to get the majority of the crowd's attention (and dollars). Scotty could hear her all the way from his part of the pier and had to acknowledge the brilliance of her busking abilities. Alas, her luck did not hold out...

No. 1 Most Predictable Song Choice

As soon as the Hook Challenge was revealed, we knew someone would title their song "Risky Business." We were then proved correct within about ten seconds thanks to Nick. And while it's not a bad song title, his strategy to insult the people walking by and demand money from them seemed questionable (and indeed did not pay off).

(Jes') No. 1 Competition for Johnny's Affection

Johnny and Brian definitely engaged in some major bromance this week. Their jam/writing session definitely had a twinge of I Love You, Man to it (although we can't decide which one is Jason Segel and which one is Paul Rudd). Brian also seemed to be digging for details about Johnny's feelings about Jes by subtley asking who the song was about. Then somehow they're talking about marriage plans. Was Brian trying to feel out whether Johnny still has time to bro-out? Unclear, but Jes is going to have to work extra hard to get Johnny's attention now that he has a new BFF.

Biggest Drop on the KISS Charts

Jes and Nick forgot the cardinal rule of pop music -- Keep it simple, stupid! As Bonnie McKee pointed out, a pop song should be simple enough for "a four-year-old to understand." And given she's the genius behind California Gurls, Teenage Dream, and Hold It Aganist Me, I'd take her advice (although I hope a four-year-old doesn't completely understand Hold It Aganist Me).

No. 1 Mistake Jackie Made

While choosing country music as your genre when your teammates are R&B specialists was definitely up there, Jackie's biggest mistake was not trusting her instincts. She knew that one of the lines was too urban and didn't fit the song, and she only added the country accent because Scotty told her to do it. Bad moves. Pointing that out to the judges after you get put in the bottom always ends up in disaster. 

Next week Johnny and Nick clash, and it looks like they're heading toward a major musical meltdown: