Nice Guys Finish Last's Editors discuss Jes' Jetta and Keith's deep knowledge of the Biebs.

The world became a little bit sadder today as the hipster showmance between Johnny and Jes met an abrubt end when Johnny was sent packing after losing his battle with resident troublemaker Nick. Now who will Jes drive around with in her Jetta? Will she be able to overcome the John Mayer-shaped hole in her heart and continue writing? Well we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, so let's look back at how it all shook down.

No. 1 Apt Observation

Scotty wasn't too impressed with Jes' "white girl" rapping, which we have to admit, was kind of an odd choice for her. But he then goes on to point out that she probably has a Jetta at home which she drives "to and fro." We have to say, although that is a seemingly random observation, we could see it. He doesn't say exactly where she's driving to and fro from, but if we had to guess, we'd go with the recording studio and Whole Foods. And acually on second thought, she's probably driving a Prius not a Jetta.

No. 1 Too Brief Guest Appearance

More Gavin DeGraw please! He appeared while Johnny and Nick pitched their hook, said it sounded good, and then was gone. We didn't even get to hear what he's been up to. Maybe his chariot was waiting outside?

No. 1 Bieber Expert

The judges spent a lot of time arguing over whether "scan your ass-ets" was appropriate for Justin Bieber. However Keith was vehement that the lyrics were definitely "Biebs-appropriate" and "Biebs-friendly." What this competition needs is more of Keith rating songs according to the Biebs-ness. Obviously anything that is Biebs-worthy is going to be a hit, so it makes sense. And if Keith is comfortable enough to use "Biebs" as a prefix, he'd probably be up for the challenge.

No. 1 Worst Thing Said in the Johnny vs. Nick Showdown

We did get a very childish kick out of Johnny calling Nick "Dick Nittoli" (judge all you want), but that was certainly not the worst thing said. Who knew so much animosity could be built up in one episode? Things really reached their worst when Nick started yelling at Johnny to swear on his mother's life that he considered incorporating his feedback. Let's leave Mrs. Marnell out of this! But in the end the judges sent Johnny home, which was only fair since he wrote the whole song himself.

Next week Nick's attitude is still in full force and this time he's butting heads with Scotty and Sonyae:

The Write Girl

Kara explains why Sonyae was the winner and what each songwriter brought to the final challenge.

First off, I am so proud of the growth that Sonyae, Scotty, and Jes made over the course of the show. If I were in their shoes starting out, I don't know if I would have been able to take the pressure of the episode challenges. This was a writing boot camp and the strongest (with the exception of Johnny) definitely survived. Their diligence, team work, and commitment to learning is what landed them in the final three. Their songs were fantastic this week, and I believe they all have careers ahead of them in music.

The Winner ---- When we first met Sonyae, we knew she had a gift for lyrics and concepts, which is one of today's most important components to hit songs. But, she was seemingly at a disadvantage because she didn't play an instrument and I wasn't sure how that would translate during the course of the competition. Thankfully we began to see that Sonyae is musical. She knows what chords fit her melodies and that's why she was able to win this competition. Many topliners don't play an instrument but they are responsible for some of the biggest hits out there today. Their voices are their instrument and they sing what they feel and hear in their heads. Her melodies always came from an emotional place and I think that is why she really impressed us as well. She consistently delivered week to week. She would be an asset in any room of writers in any genre. For me, she is a force to be reckoned with and I think we will be seeing a Sonyae song on an album any day now.

And then there's Scotty who was stuck in adult contemporary ballad land when we first met him. During the course of the show, he figured out how to make more contemporary tracks and teamed up with people that pushed him to be younger, more rhythmic, and hipper. His melodic sensibility was always there, he just needed to put it on top of modern tracks. He also started scrutinizing his lyrics more during the season and that culminated in his best work, "Beautiful You." That song is a great personal anthem and I want to commend him for really speaking about such an emotional and personal subject and yet making it so universal.

Lastly Jes, a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice and passion for writing. When she first started out she would often get lost in her own piano world. Her songs were very niche and her melodies (while lovely) fit her voice more than they did the voices of other artists. Over the competition, she really learned how to condense her songs and make every part of them meaningful. She too has a gift for emotion in her melodies and by the end of the season was writing lyrics that could match the power of her music. "Come Alive" was a brilliant melodic piece of work.

I found it very interesting that all three contestants pulled from their own life stories when they were faced with creating the biggest hit of their lives. We encouraged them from the beginning to always come from an honest place. I don't think it's a coincidence that these were some of their strongest songs. Great writers will tell you their best material came from their real life experiences -- that's the inspiration part of a song, which is so crucial to making it great. The other part is craft, which we spent a lot of time discussing on the show. Hopefully all the contestants feel they are better writers because of the show. If they do, then we all did our jobs.

Good luck to them all. We are rooting for 'em!