Panic at the Disco's Editors talk about 'their ridiculous' moments from Episode 2. 

This week was full of Hot Stuff for sure, and you really got a taste of what the songs would sound like On the Radio. OK, OK we're done with the Donna summer references (for now). Let's see what hit the top of the charts in Episode 2.

No. 1 Fan of Donna Summer

While Jackie may have been left speechless by Donna Summer's praise of her hook, it was Sonyae's unbridled enthusiasm that won her the top spot. Exhibit A: "Donna Summer aka Mama Donna, Dance Queen of the United States. Thick as grits baby, bow, bow, pow, ow! You know what I mean?" While we also love ourselves a good disco jam by Donna, unfortunately no, not exactly sure what you mean. But it sounds delicious! 

No. 1 Regret 

I know all the writers have a different process for how they go about composing their lyrics. But seriously, there's no better way to get in a dance floor frame of mind than to bump some jams (perhaps by the resident Dance Queen of the United States) and perhaps don some sparkly jumpsuits. Didn't you feel there was a serious lack of flared pant legs for the Donna Summer episode?

(Editors' Note: We always sport our own disco gear and enjoy some dance floor anthems every time we write our recap. The results speak for themselves.)

Uncharted Territory

Oh, Melissa. We're still trying to wrap our heads around her style. In order to dig up inspiration for her club banger, she looked to a forest full of wolves and natural disasters for inspiration. We're huge fans of Shakira's She-Wolf, but as we all know, it was in her closet. Hopefully there will be some sort of nature inspired challenge soon for sweet Melissa, though we wouldn't be surprised if she were to go in the opposite direction at that point and write about a futuristic cyborg bar.   

Biggest Fall in the Likeability Department

It was pretty clear that Nick is that "I'm not here to make friends" contestant. But he took it to another level when he said, "We're not asking who's the best R&B cat, or who's the best blind guy with a dog who can sing, it's who's the best hitmaker." Ouch. We're guessing he'll be getting a cursing from Blessing after he hears that. (Although to be fair, it did end up being somewhat prophetic, since the judges did send Blessing packing.) 

No. 1 "Ridiculous" Lyrics

While at first we weren't to sure about Brian's My Ridiculous, but the final product did come together and provide some rather... memorable lyrics. Our favorites are below:

"Drop my panties to the floor, and I'm walking out the door." 

"I'll watch you own my eyes till my face gets stupid."

"Leave your business cas' at home, or you'll be ending up alone."

You can check out the rest of the lyrics here. Just be sure to leave your inhibitions (and panties) at the door before reading. 

Best Dance Club Choice

Well done for choosing a gay club to debut some new dance tracks. One, because watching a crowd of adorable gay men rock out to the contestants' songs was a delight. And two, because you knew they were going to be good judges of whether the track was hot. You could tell how well received a song was by how hard the crowd was voguing to it. I only wish we got to see some of Jewel and Kara's signature moves, because you know they were shakin' it behind the scenes. 

No. 1 Sad Moment

We're doubly sad Blessing is leaving, not only because he seems so loveable and has a wonderfully soothing voice, but also because we lose his canine companion, Tommy! Now we'll never get to hear a song written for Tommy, see photos of Tommy as a puppy, or find out if Tommy was secretly whispering lyrics to Blessing the whole time.      

Next week romance is in the air, and that's not even the challenge. Jes and Johnny appear to be forming their own little duo outside of the competition:  

The Write Girl

Kara explains why Sonyae was the winner and what each songwriter brought to the final challenge.

First off, I am so proud of the growth that Sonyae, Scotty, and Jes made over the course of the show. If I were in their shoes starting out, I don't know if I would have been able to take the pressure of the episode challenges. This was a writing boot camp and the strongest (with the exception of Johnny) definitely survived. Their diligence, team work, and commitment to learning is what landed them in the final three. Their songs were fantastic this week, and I believe they all have careers ahead of them in music.

The Winner ---- When we first met Sonyae, we knew she had a gift for lyrics and concepts, which is one of today's most important components to hit songs. But, she was seemingly at a disadvantage because she didn't play an instrument and I wasn't sure how that would translate during the course of the competition. Thankfully we began to see that Sonyae is musical. She knows what chords fit her melodies and that's why she was able to win this competition. Many topliners don't play an instrument but they are responsible for some of the biggest hits out there today. Their voices are their instrument and they sing what they feel and hear in their heads. Her melodies always came from an emotional place and I think that is why she really impressed us as well. She consistently delivered week to week. She would be an asset in any room of writers in any genre. For me, she is a force to be reckoned with and I think we will be seeing a Sonyae song on an album any day now.

And then there's Scotty who was stuck in adult contemporary ballad land when we first met him. During the course of the show, he figured out how to make more contemporary tracks and teamed up with people that pushed him to be younger, more rhythmic, and hipper. His melodic sensibility was always there, he just needed to put it on top of modern tracks. He also started scrutinizing his lyrics more during the season and that culminated in his best work, "Beautiful You." That song is a great personal anthem and I want to commend him for really speaking about such an emotional and personal subject and yet making it so universal.

Lastly Jes, a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice and passion for writing. When she first started out she would often get lost in her own piano world. Her songs were very niche and her melodies (while lovely) fit her voice more than they did the voices of other artists. Over the competition, she really learned how to condense her songs and make every part of them meaningful. She too has a gift for emotion in her melodies and by the end of the season was writing lyrics that could match the power of her music. "Come Alive" was a brilliant melodic piece of work.

I found it very interesting that all three contestants pulled from their own life stories when they were faced with creating the biggest hit of their lives. We encouraged them from the beginning to always come from an honest place. I don't think it's a coincidence that these were some of their strongest songs. Great writers will tell you their best material came from their real life experiences -- that's the inspiration part of a song, which is so crucial to making it great. The other part is craft, which we spent a lot of time discussing on the show. Hopefully all the contestants feel they are better writers because of the show. If they do, then we all did our jobs.

Good luck to them all. We are rooting for 'em!