Learn the lyrics to the songwriters dance floor inspired songs, as the writers wrote them.

"Paint This Club with Amazing" (Scotty, Nick, Melissa, and Sonyae)

Let's get back to basics
I create, so I ain't got the patience to wait no more
Got to own this floor with my mojo
Masterpiece potential for me dyin' to dance with ya

While our mixture creates vivid lines
Cups filled with watercolors, and I'm drippin' rainbow puddles
So brilliant you could see it blind 

And when I dance tonight, Imma be using my brush
I'm gonna do it with love, we gonna paint the club
We'll bring the dark to light and bring the blank to life
We goin' to draw it up, we gonna paint this club 

Paint this club with amazing
Paint this floor with amazing
Paint this club with contagious
Contagious, so amazing, oww

Van Gough couldn't be my apprentice
Overexposed, get up, and let it out of my soul
So far from composed, can't let my bones get cold
Crazily connected –- if you think it, Imma step it
Come and sweep the floor with me tonight
Disco ball is spinnin', my skin's covered with shimmer
Intoxicated by laser lights 



So I'm a handy man and god damn
You the cutest little piece that I ever did see, babe
Picasso can't draw you, you know that I'm on you
Do a little song too, but I'm really 'bout my art, dude
An artist 'cause, I paint a quick pic, and it's marvelous

Like you should marvel this
Michaelangelo just can't see us
You should throw us in ya new museum
Taste the rainbow and every other color
Imma illustrate it up unlike any other brother
You the image in my mind, with ya water
Colored eyes, Imma draw it up tonite
'Cause I really am inspired by the whole damn package
You like Alice, I'm the new mad hatter
In a whole new Wonderland
Baby girl just take my hand