Take a trip through the lyrical genius of the songwriters travel-inspired tunes.

Hook Challenge

Karen Waldrup, "Away From Here"
You and I / Can ride our life / Away from here – away from here / You can drive / I'll map the ride We'll pencil life / Behind the wheel – Away from here

Nick Nittoli, "Till the Wheels Fall Off"

Said I go coast to coast from uh-shows to shows, my life sucks the most when its cold in Minnesota lets be honest, I'm just a starving artist my Ferrari ain't parked outside
I'm sorry / She goes (x2) / When will you come back 2 me / Cuz I've been patiently waiting / When will I see my mistakes in ya face / I said welcome to the road / Where no one goes home / and the person that you were is now a living ghost / Tell me I'm wrong /and throw it in song / Cuz we're gonna ride this bus / Until the wheels. . .fall off (x4)

Amber Ojeda, "Viewless"
Fear release me / Can I be a child for today? / Your shadows over me / Blocking every road that I have ever / Tried to take / I need to go / To see the view / There's got to be some hope / On the other side of you / I'll gladly pave it / For truth

Jackie Tohn, "The Road Is Where the Heart Is" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)
I can stand just anywhere / I put my foot down / But I'll get up and go / Leavin' home and I know / I was meant to see the world through rosy lenses / And I'll get up and go / Yet again cause I know / That the road – yeah the road – is where the heart is

Scotty Granger, "This Pack"
Hey boys where ya at / Can we get this back / That we used to do / All the girls and booze / Take down the top / Then burn the wheels out / I really do think we need it / Say if you feel / What I'm feelin' feelin' / We gotta move / To shake low these blues / So boys where ya at / Can we get this thing back / I nominate me / To lead this pack
. . .pack. . .pack /

Melissa Rapp, "If I Don't Leave"
It's like all the rain in the world is hailing on me now / And all the sun is burning too bright / I gotta get up outta this bed and get behind that wheel / Change ain't easy, but if I don't leave / You'll lose me. . .I'll lose me

Brian Judah, "The Only Direction"
I can't wait to get these lonely hands / Off this steering wheel / And put them on you / Put them all over you / No, it don't matter which turn I make / Or which exit I might take / Cause you're the only direction I know / Baby, I know

Jes Hudak, "The Home For Me" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)
Sometimes you just gotta leave / Everything you know, just pick up and go / There's so much out there to see / How will you know just who you can be? / Cuz the hardest thing I've ever done / Is try to find where I belong / And til I finally feel free / I guess the road is the home for me / The home for me. . .

Johnny Marnell, "Goin' Where I Need to Be"(JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)
My stride don't break / Over broken lines / My heart beats faster / Than speeds on signs, (I) / Made my escape / I'm ridin' free / I'm goin where I need to be / (repeat)

Sonyae Elisa, "Next Ex" 
Dark brown eyes 6'2" / The boy could smile and turn grey skies clear blue
/ I think it's time to take advantage of the single life / Won't you come and come and be my next ex 2nite