Take a trip through the lyrical genius of the songwriters travel-inspired tunes.

The Road is Where My Heart Is (Jackie, Sonyae, Nick, Karen)

I don't believe in losing sleep wishing that I woulda

So I'll pay the toll, hit the road and watch it open for me

Backpack, map, a tank full of gas and a reason to be leavin'

Ima feel it in my spirit and RIDE

Get up and go, leaving home cuz I know

I was put here for a reason and I want the world to see it

Get up and go, yet again cuz I know

That the road is where THE heart is

Yes the road is where My heart is

This scenic view starts giving you instant inspiration

There's a life out there if you dare and a whole world to see

No more waiting in this line for someone to call my number

Let the music be the lines on the street 


The only compass that I got is the beating of my heart

And the sound of it pounding lets me know I’m not far

Lonely, cold, wandering soul - I bet that’s how it seems

But this is home to me