See what the songwriters culled from their rhymebooks.

Hook Challenge 

Nick Nittoli, "Invisa-Man"

Get up, get up, get down wit my evil plan / Get up or it's time to save the world again / Get up, get up, even wit ya eyes wide / You can't see me fly by / So call me invisa-man / Get up, get up, get down wit my evil plan / Get up or down, it's time to save the world again / Get up, get up, y'all can't really see me / Blind like Stevie / So call me invisa-man

Us and it's been way too long, tryna get myself / On the map, wit my superhero song / And it's on

Finally, it's been a real long mission / I've been twitchin', itchin', wishin', disappearin', so just listen / To me, glisten, and see the big picture that / I been pitchin', just close ya eyes, throw / To Mark McGwire / it's gonna be a big hit / You know it is, my flow is quick, I've got my / fanbase grown, kid, every girl should turn direction / To their dude, like, yo, I know her sick / Appearance is irrelevant when ya got a dude so clever, sh-- / Might as well have a warrant 'cause I'm wanted in every state I'm in

Amber Ojeda, "Elemental"

Time I come around / I need to take it there / Distracted my appearances, the whos and wheres / Time to stop, think / Wait a minute 'bout to get my head in it / You think I'm sleeping like a quiet storm / See I'm conducting the elements / Bravados are strong / But emotions are more relevant / Harnessing the wind / And I'm blowing for the smell of fresh / Yes! The world's all mine / Running through my veins like a fault line / Yes! The worlds all mine / Paint to the brush set the day to shine

Jackie Tohn, "Super Duper Rapper" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)

I was gonna start this rhyme with miggity microphone / But if I did – you'd all leave –- and I'd be standing here alone / So I'll just stick to what it is that I do best / I guess it's kind of like beat poetry – more or less

(Chorus) I wanna be a super duper RAPPER /  But as it now stands I'm still a CRACKER / And I wanna cry money-teardrops of GOLD / And be bawdy sassy brassy bossy brazen and BOLD / But most of all be a super super RAPPER / But as it now stands -- I'm still a CRACKER

I'm the gift that keeps on giving / Don't try to stop my rhymes, that be like stopping me from living / That sign says "parking spot reserved" / Damn fool –- that's absurd / Because it should be reserved for me / And say SUPER DUPER CRACKER RAPPER definitely

(Repeat Chorus)

Scotty Granger, "Love You Down"

I ga- ga- ga- got my cape on now / Like sun fall back / And let me go blind / The eyes of the commoners / How fly can you be / Got them girls saying / Boy I wanna / Boy I wanna / Boy I wanna love you down / Ow!

Melissa Rapp, "In An Hour"

If I had a super power / I'd make you love me in an hour / No need for a second date / At first sight, you want more than a taste / No back and forth 'bout who to call / You're already at my front door / Flowers in hand, ring in your pocket / Dinner on the stove, now I can have my way witcha / I'm your only woman, and you are my man / Say it with me baby now, I'm your baby mama kazam / Book the Vegas Hilton, we closing the deal this weekend / You better call your momma over / Cause you found your wonder woman / And you are superman / That's the plan

Brian Judah, "South"

I'm drinkin' life / What the hell you drinkin'? / Come on getcha little head back / (and) open up your mouth as I / Drop it down south, south, south / Drop it down south, south, south / I'm thinkin' life / What the hell you thinkin'? / Come on getcha dizzy head back / (and) open up your mouth as I / Drop it down south, south, south / Drop it down south, south, south

(Extra lyric for start of a verse) Oh babies, don't you worry / I'm makin' eighty the new thirty

Jes Hudak, "Hard Hearted"

I'm a hard-hearted chick / Come at me, show I won't bleed / Cuz I'm made of stone / Strongest when I'm all alone / So even if you think that you thought you saw / Who I am underneath it all / Well I'm playing you, you ain't getting through / And everything you say ain't nothing new / And that's the hard hearted truth / This time, the fool is you

Johnny Marnell, "Walk Thru Walls" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)

(I'ma walk thru walls) / Can't see me creepin' believe it / Baby, I be weavin' in "n" out "o" / Yo' bathroom stalls / Thinkin you all alone / Like you on the phone / Talkin ish with yo' girls / While yo' man ain't home / (I'm a walk thru walls) / Ain't nobody stop me / Try rob me of the trophies I begot me / Packin' attitude on / The walls that I break thin / Bigger than it all / And I ain't that tall / (I'm a walk thru walls) / Five-oh, time to go, er'body line up at / The party front door (oh no) / I'm slippin' thru the seams / Walkin' under floor boards / Floatin' thru yo ceiling beams / 'Cause I can walk thru walls

Sonyae Elise, "Boy Cry" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)

I'm the type 2 fall in love quick / See I can't even front I be geeking off the d--k / Some b---hes be wishing they could read a dude's mind / To be two steps ahead of what he’s thinking all the time / Some chicks carry Red Bull on their back / So they could fly 2 it wheneva the n--ga snaps / But if I had any
supernatural power it would be / The Power 2 Control Me / So every time I throw on my
black cat suit / Heels on high Giuseppe Zanotti boot / I'd be instantly a whole new
girl / With a heart of steal in a stone cold world / I kiss my waterproof
mascara bye bye / Call me Ms. Make The Boys Cry