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"Walk Thru Walls" (Johnny, Scotty, Jes)

Verse 1
Can't see me creepin' believe it
Baby I be weavin' in between all of your secrets
You ain't alone
When you on the phone
Talkin ish 'bout yo' man
Like I wasn't even home
You don't see me
When you lookin at your door
Think you lookin out
But I'm sneakin thru the floor
I see you cheatin'
Best believe I be leavin
And baby you can watch me as I walk

Walk thru walls
Stand back and Marvel as I
Walk thru walls
Can't X me I'm that MAN
Too hard to hold me I'm
And yeah Ill stop when I feel like

Verse 2
Yeah she tried to hurt me
But I'm a grown ass man
And I'ma get in where I fit in
And wherever I stand
I'ma swing back
'Cause I'm a wreckin' ball
'Cept I hit you like a ghost
You won't feel me at all
Packin' that attitude
And breakin' down on every wall
Larger than life under six feet tall
So let the rain bring
Whatever it may
Before the first drop hits 
I'ma e-vap-orate as I



I'm on a rampage
I'm crazy
And nothing you could do could ever make me
I ain't trying 'a' climb ya
I'm walkin thru Berlin all the way
To Great China