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"Ms. Make the Boyz Cry" (Sonyae, Melissa, Nick)

Verse 1
I was the good girl falling for bad guys
Got dealt a shitty hand in this love life
Physically and mentally beat up
I came to a crossroads love again or run
So (um) with every inch of me I broke free
Decided if I had a supernatural power it would be
The power to control me
He said to make a decision after he spit his feelings

Pre Chorus
Just give me one chance at this romance
Promise I won't hurt you like your other man has
Let's turn a leaf (f--k it) turn a new tree
Wipe the slate clean, write a whole new love scene

I know it seems like I'm incomplete
Cuz you keep searching for a heartbeat
But you ain't neva gonna find it in me
Cuz I'm Ms. Make the Boyz Cry<
And when it's finally time to say goodbye
Betta believe I'll be alright
You'll be staring back at dry eyes
I'm Ms. Make the Boyz Cry

Verse 2
Black cat suit, patent leather boots
And my costume matches my attitude
I'm a bad b--ch with tunnel vision
And I'm on a mission 2 make the boys cry
Now I'm the villain and I'm killing ya feelings
It's funny I've become the mirror image
Of everybody who created me
I'm sorry baby aint' no changing, this is how it gotta be



(Guitar Solo)