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"Super Duper Rapper" (Jackie, Amber, Brian)

Verse 1
I was gonna start this rhyme with miggity microphone
But if I did -- you'd all leave and I'd be standing here alone
So I'll just stick to what it is that I do best
I guess its kind of like beat poetry – more or less
But don't disregard how hard I play
Cuz I could be as Hood as Hip Hop Hoor – oh wait
My bad -- I forgot that I was rhyming
That often happens -- I'm still working on my timing

I wanna be a Super Duper Rapper
But as it now stands I'm still a Cracker
I wanna cry money -- teardrops of gold
Be bawdy, sassy brassy, bossy, brazen and bold
But most of all be a Super Duper Rapper
Cuz as it now stands -- I-m still a Cracker yeah

Verse 2
If I could make a potion – I would call it "Insta-Flow"
And I'd be takin it on the daily 'til my lyrics start to grow
I wanna be Hard Hip Hop so bad ; be respected in the streets
Hi Mom! Hi Dad!
If I could have three wishes, they'd be Rhythm, Flow and Rhyme please
Rockin' a cape; I'm rappin' away with my super powered rhyme scheme
You might think my little lady rap is plastic
But I'm about to say: "This beat's fantastic"


Running rhymes thru my head in my canopy bed
I Got my Little Pony Night light –- yeah you heard what I said

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