Read the lyrics inspired by songwriters' loves (which in some cases were each other).

Hook Challenge

Nick Nittoli, "Stuck On You" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)
I don't ever wanna love another lover / Again life is sour here without you / When you're not in my bed

Do you ever think about me now that you're with him (x2) / Do all the things we used to do come pouring out of you in conversation when you're conversating, yeah / Do you ever say my name by mistake / And you gotta take it back when you really want me back, yeah

Is it all my imagination or wishful thinking / Tell me baby

Jackie Tohn, "Before I Get To You"
Rumors travel halfway 'round the world / Before the truth can tie its shoes / Word will likely make it to the stars / Before I get to you -- before I get to you

Scotty Granger, "Love Me or Not"
Say if you love me or not / 'Cause I can't move my mind off you / Can't move my mind off you now / Say that you love me right now / 'Cause honestly this silence I could do without / Can you lose all other words from your mouth / And just say I love you / Oh oh oh

Melissa Rapp, "Dizzy"
I get dizzy when I look at you / My balance, I always lose / Mmmm, dizzy I can't resist -- it's true / Mmmm, dizzy. . .oh, dizzy (mm-hmm) / (for you)

Brian Judah, "Notice"
If I have to steal her heart, I will / If he puts up a fight, I just might kill / As long as she sees me, even if I'm hard to see / I'm gonna make her notice me

If I have to break into her mind / If I have to leave this life behind / As long as she could see what might be hard to believe / I’m gonna make her notice me / Yeah, I'm gonna make her notice me

Jes Hudak, "It's You" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)
Everything I've ever dreamed, was sure could not exist / It never even crossed my mind to even try to wish / And there you were, there you were, there you were. . . / Assaulting all my senses, from your smell to your sentences / I see the light behind your eyes, oh how I want to crawl inside / I know, how I know, now I know. . ./ It was just a matter of time, just my whole life / To find something right and guess what? It's you, it's you

Johnny Marnell, “Wake Up to You”
To love like a dream / Makes you wanna stay asleep / But I'm counting the days / Before it's too late

(Cause I) Can't wait / to wake up to you / (No I) Can't wait / 'til it's just we two / (No I) Can't wait / to wake up to you / We may be just a dream / But I know it comes true / (And I) Can't wait to wake up to you

Sonyae Elise, "Love Me To Life" (JUMP TO FULL SONG LYRICS)

I been stabbed in the back / I been shot through the heart / I been loved damn near to death / Need the proof, here's the scars / I don't have much strength left in me to fight / So the next man that loves me, betta love me to life

Love me to life. . . / If ur gonna love me