Take your chances with the riskiest lyrics yet.

Hook Challenge

Nick Nittoli, "Risky Business"
I put my life out on the line / And try to move you every time / And if you don’t / Put something in! / This is risky business

I see the people on the street suffering / Those are the people, with nothing to eat / Singing

All we have is clappin' hands / So give us something we can spend / We risk our life for the chance / To get in this risky business

So give 'em something don’t leave 'em / With nothing to sing about / Out loud

Jackie Tohn, "Say It Back" (FULL SONG LYRICS)
There's only one way to know this love is true / There's only one way to know you feel it too / (oh oh oh) / There's only one way we're ever ever gonna make it through / Just say it back when I say I love you / Just say it back when I say I love you

Scotty Granger, "Melt"
Can we melt / In the fire / And let the wind take all the rest / Just let go and love in the moment / Give me all you are then / Melt

Brian Judah, "Heart In My Hands"
What I fear most / Is the only thing I need / But I’ll run while I bleed / With my heart in my hands / And as I keep singing / An old man is singing back to me (running after me) / He sure looks a lot like me / And puts his heart in my hands

Jes Hudak, "Crawling On The Ground" (FULL SONG LYRICS)
Even if the roof caves in, better duck and cover / Bricks in my head, but I know these bones are stronger / No one’s gonna come to clear it all away / The hardest thing that I can do is try to stay awake / No – not gonna die here, even though my eyes are closing / Know I gotta force them open / The only way I’m gonna get out / Is by crawling on the ground / I’m crawling on the ground

Johnny Marnell, "Betting My Life On You" (FULL SONG LYRICS)
Wasted my chances / On broken romances / Am I out of time?
Can’t hit rewind / Your hand’s the last I hold / Now that I’m / Betting my life (on) (x3) / You

Sonyae Elise, "Jumping Out The Window"
I might hit the pavement and fall on my face / Or catch a ride w/ a butterfly and float through life with grace / But high or low, gotta face the unknown / Risking it all and jumping out the window / Jumping out the window