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"Bettin' My Life On You," (Johnny, Brian)

Tired of settling for the next best thing
I want everything
Stirred up a change since you came around
Like our pasts were leading up to right now

As the hands of time are letting go of mine
I’m leaving the scared little child behind
Facing the truth, I’m turning to you

Bettin' my life
Bettin' my life on
Bettin' my life on you (x2)

VERSE 2    
Spent all my days like a chameleon
From buried in books to the king of the prom
I had all my best kept bottled inside
'Til you learned me wise like a thousand lives

Cash in my chips before I'm too old
Your's is the last hand that I’ll ever hold
I hope all I’m worth is worth it to you

'Cause I'm bettin' my life
Bettin' my life on
Bettin' my life on you (x2)
I bet on you

As I run down this bright one way street
I run into an old soul, sure looks a lot like me.
Says, "Please won't you take this pair of dice and pretend there only one dot on every side.
Now throw ‘em up into the sky, so high, that they can never fall down"

Then I wake up to
Spending my life
Spending my life with
Spending my life with you (repeat)

Nothing comes close
You are the most magnificent thing I know (repeat)