Get hooked by the contestants' pop lyrics

Hook Challenge

Nick Nittoli, "Boom Boom"

Boom Boom Boom / I'm not fallin' down for you / Choose to lose / I don't quit 'cause I'm winning this / Boom Boom Boom / If there's four, hit the door

Boom, Boom, Boom / Are you feelin' it / Can you feel the hit? / Soon as I walk in the room room room

Scotty Granger, "DJ Have My Babies"

Everybody in this place / Is going absolutely insane / We don't give a damn about the damage we make / Muting my mind / So I think / I speak / For everyone when I say

DJ have my babies / Spin a new sound / Keep 'em thinking that maybe / The world is ours tonight, no doubt / But I’m not complete until / DJ, DJ, DJ / Have my babies

Jes Hudak, "So See Through"

Don't you even try to tell me who I am / As if you know anything 'bout where I been / I don't need to waste my time, explain to you / You had a shot, but all you got is so see-through / You are so see-through

Sonyae Elise, "Exit"

You think you got me on lock? (Negative) / If you leave my world gon' stop? (Negative) / 'Cause I'm hotter than ya last girl / Better than ya next bitch / Keep it up --I bet I make you see the exit / See the exit / See the exit / All my ladies who know they ain't to be messed wit' / Put ya hands up, dance a little bit / Then make 'em see the exit