The songwriters had to pen heaps of hooks. See their pitches and finished products.

Hook Challenge

Brian Judah, "Down With My Faith" (Rock/Pop/Christian)

If God would just send me down a photograph / Maybe we could finally get along / Hit me hard with a sign of lightning / Anything to prove me wrong

From the day that I was born / Always running home / I wish I would have prayed before I waited too long / Now I’m going down with my faith

Always overwhelmed and under prepared / I wish I would have believed more than I cared / Now I’m going down with my faith

Brian Judah, “You Got It Coming” (Pop)

I see the desperation inside your face / I feel your patience losing faith / There is only so much you can take / Before I take you away

Yeah, you got it coming / I see you running / I’m gonna break right through the walls of your mind / You know you want it / I see your sign / And I’m gonna break right through the walls of your mind

Brian Judah, “Once In a Black and Blue Moon” (AAA/Rock)

It’s been almost ten years now since I abandoned the lies / And somehow you still manage to take your sweet time with my mind

Once in a black and blue moon / My eyes saw trust turn to ruin in my room / And slowly cut the legs off my throne / A broken boy and his crown woke up crying alone

Once in a black and blue moon / I think of two kids who discovered love too soon / And I stay up all night playing the what if game / Thinkin’ sometimes it’s just too late for never too late / Once in a black and blue moon / I see truth / Once in a black and blue moon

Jes Hudak, “Killer" (Pop)

I really wanna ask you something / Why do you feel the need to be so rude, like everything you do / Is better than anything that’s ever been done, it’s not so cute / Oh sweetie, didn’t anybody tell you / Nobody needs to know how much you make or what models you date / So please go away, I’m not buying your game

I know you like to hear the sound of your own voice / But it looks like you’re the only one / I don’t really care if you think that I’m a b---h / Just do it from over there. / Cuz you are just filer and I’m looking for a killer / Who with just one look can knock me out / I guess he’s yet to be found.

Jes Hudak, "Let You Get Away" (Pop/Country)

Everything I've ever been through has got me ready for you / I didn’t throw it all the time but you’ve been on my mind / All along I’ve been collecting what to love / But not expecting that you could really exist

But then you came along and I knew it right away / Everything I’ve ever wanted living in one place / From your high-topped shoes, to your horn rimmed glasses / The words you use, your infecting laughter / I know my Mom would love you and my scary Dad would hug you / It’s like my life lead up to this day / So I’m not gonna let you get away.

Jes Hudak, "Make Myself Heard" (Genre Undetermined)

I wanna see you, I wanna see you everyday / Wish I could know you, wish I could hold you, you’re so far away / And I’m working up the nerve to make myself heard / But I can’t find the words

Jes Hudak, "Brush This Aside" (Pop) 

Can’t just brush this aside, just cuz you’d like me to, you’d like me to / I won’t apologize, Who’d I say sorry to? Yeah I’m asking you.

Nick Nittoli, "Beat Me Up" (Rock/AH/Pop)

When did you start to get so raff / When did I bleed and tell no one

This ain’t no game, this ain’t no fun / Ya just insane, where is the love

But it hurts when you touch me / Feels the same when you call my name / I know you love me but love can’t sugar coat this pain / I won’t go home, cuz I just don’t know / No, no, no

I gotta getcha out of / Here is the truth, you kick me when I’m down / Leave me on the ground let me fugure out / Why I like it when you beat me up

No cover up, can cover up, what you have done / It’s just make up

It’s just luck life doesn’t suck but I’m not / Stuck, enough, enough

I guess the sick mess hasn’t hit me in the lips / But it’s cancerous

So I grab the keys, the strengths to leave / The cold will freeze but I can’t stand the heat / I’m not gonna let you beat me up!

Nick Nittoli, "Take Me There" (Country)

Well I leave the keys and say don’t speed / Cuz she’s the only one who drives me / I can’t agree more that the one in us / Is all I’m living for, can’t get enough

She says it in so many other ways / But I’m like “where is my hook and my melody”

Pre Chorus
You motivate me, don’t I motivate you / And if I do, can’t you take me there too?

Where is my love song, I wrote you one / I don’t believe that it’s fair / Writing and reading a love poem that’s for me / Just ain’t gone, take me there, take me there

You say you can’t explain all the things I play /Well then how am I supposed to know it

And I gave you six lessons on six strings / So you should be able to go ahead and show it

I taught you everything that my daddy taught me / Now I want a tune, doesn’t have to be good

Take me there, take me there

To the islands of Peru, with a song that lay inside of you / Yeah ya know just what to do, take me there

Nick Nittoli, "Bad Name" (Pop/Rock)

She’s got her mean face on, she’s a hell of a critic / And I’m living off the melody’s that flow in “my city” / She’s not a groupie but a hell of a band-aid / And I’m the kinda guy to repeat “that’s what she said” / I want you, she said I want you too

Play this song, like it’s gonna be your last / Tell your haters they’re your favorite fans now / Don’t give up until they give you a chance / Cuz you’re giving music a bad name

She’s got black skin tight boots, and they’re matching her attitude / And she never said she liked it, she jus said it ain’t terrible / A whole new stencil and it’s back to the drawing board / I know she’s something special. / While she’s teaching, I’m learning more

When I get lost in the music / She tells me that hook and the concept are stupid / Karing for me like a parent / A musical Icon that I can’t stand

Tell me what I need to do, so I can be just like you / I know that I’ll cry when she says goodbye / Until then I’ll write

(dedicated to Kara)

Johnny Marnell, "Cowboy Hollywood" (Country)

Meet me on Rodeo Drive / Flask full of whiskey rye /Girls bring your dancin’ boots / It’s gonna be a long night

Wheels up in my truck / Crusin’ for some pick-ups / Ladies get ready for us  

They call me Cowboy Hollywood / Cali-girls keep me up to no good / Cowboy Hollywood, ain’t got time for love / Not for Cowboy Hollywood

Johnny Marnell, "We’re All We Need" (Electro- Pop)

I walk, I walk free of all uncertainty / I be-, I be-lieve it all will come to me

Done blamin’ the world / That’s not how I shape me / I’m in own two hands

Sick of the war / Of what will my fate be? / Stating to understand /We are our plans

We’re all we need / It’s underneath / All we need is inside / We’re all we need / You and me / We’re all we need to survive

Johnny Marnell, "All Day Sunrise" (Pop)

The storm cleared out / You’re here now / Drain the rains that weighed me down / Your voice scatters the clouds

The worst of days / Could never faze you / Others burn me you bring the shade

You’re my all day sunrise / Beams from bright eyes / Light up my night / Light up my night / My all day sunrise / Beams from bright eyes / Light up my night / Light up my night / My all day sunrise

Scotty Granger, "The Heartist" (Adult Contemporary)

Gotta get back to where I was / Pull all the stops till I’m there / If you could hear my heart beat slow / You’d know just what I mean / I’ve grown so cold I’m ashamed I couldn’t resuscitate our flame /That the man I was is still there

And today, I will say this outloud

I’ve played too many games / Some with your heart / And yes I know you’re not to blame / For the way / You took you love away / Darling myself this purified pain

Scotty Granger, "D Makes His Heart Sing" (Adult Contemporary)

“Straighten up that back / Keep those wrist flat” / He say to me / And he really means it / “Staying out of place / can minimize you space in my memory” / Is what I think he’s thinking  

But I know he loves me/ I know he loves me / But would it kill / To say those 3 words 1 days / I know he loves me / How could he not / When he looks in the mirror / He’s still staring at me / I’ve tried all my life to not be A, B, C / Cause D makes his heart sing

Scotty Granger, "Change 4 Me" (R&B)

At 9 / You called / Just to say / You’re not coming at all / I’m so done with this shit now / Not surprised / Another lonely night / I was so cold / And all due to the way you / Misuse my trust / I felt it / It was see through / A hole in my heart where his love was kept  

How long / Do you think / That Imma / Stay waiting / For you to be what I need / I should been done believing you would change for me / You’re so right / But so wrong / And I’m done waiting for you to an up / And just be what I need / I should been done believing / You would / Change 4 me

Scotty Granger, "Anybody’s Type" (Pop)

You and me / Will never be what I said that we could one day be/ Cause there’s no way that you could ever love me / You, you tired / To pull me in with all your charm and all your might / But there’s one thing to know it’s that your warm right now / When a hot thing comes to me /It’s only leaves me with frostbite

Gotta get out of my head / And get out of his bed / Don’t want it to be no more /That it was last night / I gotta run look at the time / There must be something that I / Should be doing / Than what I’m doing / Break the heart of a nice guy / Cause I’m not anybody’s type

Scotty Granger, "Bold 4 Love" (R&B)

Time ain’t got nowhere to go, as long as ur standing there / The thoughts going thru my head, only a few can understand / I’m tired, on my own / What I need, heavens knows it’s you

If I told you you’re the kind of girl / That needs to be with a guy like me (would that be ok) /Or if I took your hand and kissed it on the knee, undoubtedly / That would make you love me / If I told you I could turn you out tonight /Would that be alright to say / Would it be OK / If I was bold 4 love

Scotty Granger, "Love you Down" (Hip Hop)

Boy stop right where you at / Breathe for a second while I sean that ass / I heard you new to this block / Don’t have no fear / Imma show u my town boy part by part

Oh boy / I can read your mind/ Yea you already know about a love like mine / I rock my shit / So don’t run from it / Cause Imma love u down, love u down / Oh boy / I kinda like your fight / Buts only as good as the last mans try / I got that s--t / And yes I that / Imma be love you down, love you down

Scotty Granger "Stay Loving Me" (Country)

I was 55 after the hour / When your mind and you decided / That the silence was just too spacious / And something had to be said that couln’t be said later / The love you said that you one had / In your heart that day was different / Shocked by the ultimatum you gave me / When that door slammed / I knew all my mistakes

Every little thing that I never said / Every little word I kept / I shoulda been screaming out / To make you stop and hear me out / With every dumb line that I just said / I’m kickin myself half to death / I coulda said everything / That I needed to say to make you stay loving me

Sonyae Elise and Brian Judah, “Stranger To Love” (Pop)

Was suffocating before you gave me life / Always behaving like part of me had died

But you keep putting smiles on my face / I’m constantly amazed by what you do / I can’t quite figure out my heart its beating me into someone brand new / Show me what I don’t know, but baby take it slow / Cuz Ima stranger to love