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"Love You Down" (Jes, Scotty)

Verse 1

 Girl stop yea -- keep it right there

Turn around, let me scan your assets

You da best that I seen in awhile

I can’t even front now

My block -- no it ain't never been this hot

Everyone can see what you got

Catching hate, throwing all kinds of shade on them other chick’s game

My world can’t be complete til I get a dime piece like you, you


Ooh girl

I can read your mind

You already know about a love like mine

I rock like this, until I get it

So baby let me love you down, love you down baby

Ooh girl

Yeah I kinda like

When you try to tell me I’m not you’re type

Cuz I can make your heart smile

When I love you down

Love you down baby

Love you down

Love you down, l-l-let me love you

Verse 2

 I know you’d rather not be approached

By a dude like me

With goals that can’t be spoken of

But you know I gotta try cuz you’re dynamite

Your kicks, yeah they’re hot just like your lips

Can I get a trial run with them right here

But I already know it’s a perfect fit

My world can’t be complete til I get a masterpiece like you, you  



Why you all the way up there

Why you wanna run from me, from me

Acting like you don’t care, but another side I see, I see
Come down from your pride

And together we can go so much higher