Baby Talk's Assistant Editor dishes on all the baby mama drama from Episode 8.

May 25, 2011

After a season full of babies and divas, I think we've all grown up a little under Rosie's sage mommy wisdom. We've also learned a lot about serving fierce style and attitude thanks to stylist/assistant/model/performer, LT. And Hannah has taught us the art of how to deliver news of a ridiculous request to someone with a straight face. Which is no small feat when you have to tell your boss to meet with someone who wants a pregnant naked portrait on a horse. 

I loved how Hannah and LT reacted to Rosie's happy pregnancy news, because it was so typical of their personalities. Hannah was beaming in happy silence while LT let out sounds akin to Mariah Carey's birdsong or some sort of small rainforest monkey. I hope The Kiki Twins will be performing at Rosie's baby shower. 

How cute was soon to be stay at home dad, Matt? You could really tell he was trying his hardest but was kind of just adorably flustered. It's like when your dad has to go foodshopping. He gets entirely overwhelmed at the supermarket, buys five boxes of poptarts and a bag of pistachoes, and then completely forgets to purchase any necessities. At least that's how it was at my house. 

Was anyone else concerned that Matt was not going to give up his boot camp baby? It was adorable how attached he became, but I think Rosie may have been gearing up to pry that baby out of his hands with a crowbar. Perhaps Rosie did her job too well.