Baby Talk's Assistant Editor dishes on all the baby mama drama from Episode 6.

May 11, 2011

This week's episode gave me anxiety just watching the fearful future mommies, Cindi and Nicole. These ladies were dealing with some serious issues about pregnancy. Cindi couldn't handle needles at all and Nicole had fears about being a good mother. But luckily before all the mommy mayhem, we received our daily comic relief courtesy of LT and his unique talent -- creating his own baby bump. Rosie Pope Maternity clearly lucked out finding someone who has this super specialized skill. Of course LT uses his powers to pose and model Rosie's fabulous designs for the crew. I wonder what Hannah's secret ability is...

Much like Michelle and Gary from Episode 4 who hadn't discussed what religion they would raise the child with, I didn't get how Cindi seemingly hadn't considered how her squeamishness and phobia of needles would play into giving birth. Maybe she was out sick the day her class watched The Miracle of Life in school. But come on, how could you not have checked yourself into some intensive therapy to get over your fears and be prepared for the big day. Even her family and friends thought she would adopt, so how did she think this was going to work for her? 

Rosie tried a few different classes to get Cindi in shape for the birth, but Cindi seemed pretty skeptical throughout. In the end, it was the aromatherapy breathing techniques that came through for her during the delivery. She even decided to breast feed after being completely against it! I'd like to think it was due to Leanne the Breast Feeding Consultant's weird breast puppet thing. Was anyone else a bit shocked when she pulled that thing out? Some sort of plastic model or maybe a diagram, but not a plush booby baby. 

Nicole had some deep anxiety about becoming a mother after losing her own mother so early. Truly heartbreaking. Her health complications meant an emergency early delivery, but both mommy and baby were healthy and happy. Again, how stressful was this episode?