Baby Talk's Assistant Editor dishes on all the baby mama drama from Episode 7.

May 18, 2011

I love our weekly window into the world of LT. I always learn so much. This week we got a vocabulary lesson on some of LT's signature terms. LT finally provided a concrete definition of what "gagging" actually means. Alas "serving the children" remains a bit of a mystery...until now! You can get LT's full definitions in his blog. However Rosie managed to steal the scene when she imitated LT using her "LT" voice. It sounded more like some sort of Muppet to me. I guess impersonations are not her strong point. 

While she may not be destined for the stage anytime soon, Rosie is talented when it comes to dealing with her million dollar mamas. I have to say, I was pretty concerned that Rebecca and Patrick might end up being the one couple Rosie couldn't help. I mean they were laying into each other in a serious way. Let Rebecca serve as a cautionary tale to all you cougars out there -- be sure your partner is ready for fatherhood before you start having kids. 

Once Rosie called in the therapist, they were able to get to the root of the problem and open up the lines of communication. Everyone just needed some "me time." Patrick worked out his stress with a trainer and Rebecca finally got to reconnect with her passion for opera singing. Maybe she can just combine parenting and singing and form her own little Partridge Family situation? They can travel the world in a multicolored bus singing and wearing Rosie Pope Maternity outfits... Well maybe not, but at least now Rebecca realizes it's important for her (and her marriage) that she still gets to pursue her passions.