Baby Talk's Assistant Editor dishes on all the baby mama drama from Episode 7.

May 18, 20110

And then there was Diana. Diana and her crusade to move into a bigger apartment. I did find it strange that she called in Rosie basically just to convince her husband to move into a bigger apartment. At what point exactly do you say to yourself, "Oh I'll just call that maternity concierge. She can convince him!" Of course Rosie ended up uncovering Diana's deeper issues about not wanting to make her older daughter feel like she's loved less now that there's a new baby in the picture. And with a little design and decor magic, Rosie was able to make their current apartment's nursery perfectly suitable and special for both of Diana's daughters. It's amazing what some paint and decorative butterflies can do.

Next week Rosie helps a frazzled stay at home dad in desperate need of some help. And I mean desperate. There are no toys in the house for the new baby. The closest thing they have is a tomato. Seriously.