Gagging the Children

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Gagging the Children

LT defines some of his signature terms.

In this week's opener, we learn what I really do on my weekends, "Gagging the children!" No, I am not harming the well being of any child or person. Also, this has nothing to do with S & M. Gagging is a good thing. Also you may wonder, who are the children? 

Please refer to my kiki-tionary for definitions. 

Gagging - The ability to walk into a room, attend an event, or stroll down the street, shocking everyone due to your outlandish look or actions. "Gagging the children" is when your serve is so astonishing, that others stop and stare in amazement or disgust.

Also see Gag-nations: It's a cross between "gagging" and "sensation." This is the zenith of gagging!

The Children - An elite group of individuals, who understand the kiki, feel the kiki, and want to share the kiki. This could be a group of friends/girlfriends or anyone else who does not take themselves seriously. These individuals love to have a good time and will go to great lengths to serve fashion and conjure a stylish havoc wherever they go.