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Great News

Hannah couldn't be happier for Rosie (and her happy clients this week).

By far the most exciting thing that happened to me on this week's episode was finding out that Rosie was pregnant! I know the whole process has been difficult for her, so I was ecstatic to find out the great news. LT's reaction to her announcement was a little odd, but I guess that's to be expected.

Despite a very bumpy start with baby Micah, I think Matt will make a great stay-at-home dad. Rosie was able to prepare him well for all of the challenges a baby creates for a parent. More importantly, spending time with the baby made him realize how great being a dad was going to be. His baby (and wife!) are very lucky ladies!

Rosie's Bachelor-like process for finding a nanny for Michele proved quite successful. Michele had high expectations, but the nanny she ended up picking seems to have all of the qualities she was looking for.