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Apr 26, 20110

September 1, 2010

Why is it so hard to buy boys clothes? And why are all the brands that have actually good looking clothes not here in the States? Papo D'Anjo doesn't even have a store here! And Tartine et Chocolat is so limited here. God help me! How can that be? What do other boys wear? Can't be just what Im seeing out there!

September 19, 2010

I think I just planned and executed the most perfect event for Tyler. I deserve something from Hermes. HERMAN! Yesterday was the most amazing Christening for Tyler. His Godparents a round of perfection: Sheilagh (an angel), Peter (the bad influence... hahaha in a good way), and Christian (the brain). Event started with the most perfect letterpressed invites (with matching program and menu cards) from none other than Peter Kruty. Then a beautiful ceremony followed by a waterfront luncheon. We had a caviar tasting bar during cocktails, a cigar bar on the patio after lunch. For Herman, the highlight was the absolutely divine cake that we designed at Palermos. Three giant layers made into a metallic baby blue and white castle. It's only fitting to have a castle as Tyler is Le Petit Prince. The cake was a dark chocolate cake with hazelnut bacci butter cream. Delicious to the last crumb. We may have went a bit over board as we only had forty guests and the cake was ordered to feed two hundred people. Meanwhile the highlight for Tyler (well maybe me I guess) was the Flogo presentation. I didn't know this existed until I saw an NFL team used it during one of their major games. This company makes your logo into clouds -- clouds that fly high in the sky and can be seen as far as 100 miles away. Well, we had Tyler's crown and the letter "T" made into clouds and had them shot into the air atop of the Hudson River. It was nothing but breathtaking. With his amazing Godparents following and God by his side -- watch out world, here comes Le Petit Prince Tyler!

September 26, 2010

Tyler is five months old today, and I've managed to lose 40 pounds! 10 more to go!!!

October 30, 2010

Our home was infested with miniature bugs and animals today. Tyler hosted his first party! He hosted a Halloween bash. We had a buffet of fun food for the mommies and nannies and a each baby got a gift bag filled with matching Halloween themed bibs and onesies and baby food! How cute? Gracious-Host-In-Training!

November 1, 2010

I absolutely cannot believe that only a year and a half ago when I walked into Buy Buy Baby to get a gift for a friend, I turned to Herman and said this place is disgusting. There are babies everywhere, and it's literally diarrhea of colors everywhere. Who would want these things? And fast forward to now, Buy Buy Baby is right up there along side Neiman Marcus and Barney's NY!