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Apr 26, 20110

November 10, 2010

Today Tyler officially got cuter!

December 1, 2010


December 17, 2010

Tyler's first holiday party! Woohoo. We took him into my husband's office today. I dressed him in a miniature custom made dress shirt (Yes they have those for babies) and a very GQ argyle Burberry vest matched with the most perfectly tailored pants from Tartine et Chocolat. Tyler was irresistible in the office. He even sat in his daddy's chair and pretended to look at numbers. His first Wall Street experience... 

December 20, 2010

Nanny #1. Dirty. Very dirty. Mixes all my sponges as I have one for cleaning each part of the home. Fired!

Nanny #2. Weird. Very weird. Just a bad vibe. Was ready to fire her today and of course she didn't even show up. Gone! Just gone. Well good –- DON'T COME BACK!

Nanny #3. Sweet but refuses to wear an uniform. Dresses in skin tight shirts that are low cut. Gross. You see her cleavage in every picture I take of Tyler. GROSS! After one month, she became unreliable. I hired you to make my life easier, not harder because you tell me the day of on many occasions that you can't make it?! Fired!

Nanny #4. Worked for two days and was caught still interviewing for new job. If what we offer isn't good enough then don't take it. Fired!

Nanny #5. I can't ... between traveling and holiday parties and end of year charity events and me trying to throw a charity trunk show to raise money for a local children's charity... I don't even have time to interview people. Seriously. You should see the people that walk through the door. One is missing a tooth. Another who had perfectly composed email correspondences turned out to speak not a word of English. Then another came in with black nail polish, heavy hot pink eye make up and chewing gum. One of them, looked like she was about to commit murder and I almost had to call our concierge to come escort her out! I can't... now I know why companies have HR departments. We need an HR specialist in the family. Seriously. They can work for me, my sisters, my mom, and my in-laws. It's feasible, isn't it?