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Apr 26, 2011

December 30, 2010

Tyler is now hooked on his bunny rabbit that came in a Papo D'Anjo basket. I'm in trouble. There is no Papo D'Anjo in the US, and they don't make the bunny for sale! I can't buy 5 more baskets of cashmere layette clothes! WHAT TO DO?

February 1, 2011

January came and went. It's almost spring  thank goodness. No Harbor Island this year thanks to Tyler. I think we were all too comfortable to try to take him on a plane. Perhaps we'll try it once on a short trip or fly private and see how he reacts. When you fly private, you won't get those nasty stares that Herman is so afraid of getting with a crying baby. But wait, Tyler doesn't cry so why worry? Oh and we cant take nanny out of the country so we are stuck. We are royally stuck. Great. In other news, oh my God, it's count down to turning one. Party planning must begin. Meanwhile I love Tyler like words can't ever describe. I wish I could curl up in his crib with him every night! 

February 15, 2011

We went on our first ski trip with some friends last weekend. Herman and Tyler had to go first as I had to attend some late afternoon shows at Lincoln Center. Fashion week is becoming boring. Same backstage entrance. Same step and repeat. Same social pages. Same front row seats. I actually wished I was up at the ski house in jeans and sweater playing on the mat with Tyler. Anyways, most of these friends are parents of young babies that are similar to Tyler's age and I've got to say, I learned a lot from this trip. I didn't know babies needed to be put to sleep?! And I didn't know that when mothers say they have a "cranky baby" that means they cry and make this monotonous noise for hours at a time? I must be the most blessed mother in the world. I dont think ONCE I ever had to "put" Tyler to sleep by staying in the room or walking around the room. It's always I drop him in his crib, say goodnight, and he'd smile. I turn off the light and through my monitor, I see he plays with his toys for a bit then he is sound asleep till when I wake up the next day at 11! Oh yea, and I certainly didn't know babies wake up at 7am! Or 8am! Wow! I'm a lucky one.