Mommy Diaries

Hear about all the ups and downs of Robyn's pregnancy.

Apr 22, 2011

October 22nd 2009

More blood work and this time an ultrasound, and we heard one heartbeat. This was SO INCREDIBLE and we have a picture too. ONE BABY! 

October 29th 2009

It's confirmed, just one heart beat. And there is one gestational sack so we definitely don't have twins, triplets, or quadruplets. We have one little angel. THANK GOD!

November 12th 2009

This was my last visit with my fertility doctor, Dr. Copperman, and my work was done. I was now ten weeks pregnant (which is figured from my last menstrual cycle), and it's now time to start with an OBGYN. We heard amazing things from several momss about MFM out of Mt. Sinai, so we scheduled to see one of the doctors there. We were more then excited about this appointment. We met with one of the doctors and liked him very much, but found that the front office was less then desirable to deal with. We had a few more appointments with this doctor, and the front end kept on getting worse. At this point they were screwing up appointments and my due date, which also effected testing. Mark, being a three time cancer survivor had his share of working with doctors, and he felt it was important to let the office manager know of the rudeness and inadequacy of the staff. The office manager was very sympathetic and said she would advise the doctors and have him call us, which he did, and he too assured us that things would improve. And then, the night before we are scheduled to re-do the nuchal (because they screwed up the dates prior) we get a letter from the head of the practice letting us know that they will do the Nuchal, but that should those results read that I need to do a CVS test that same day, that they would not do this and that we would have to find another doctor to do so. Which would mean that we would have no more then two days to do so. Not the kind of stress you want to put on a pregnant women. So the next morning we went in for the Nuchal, before we were called in for the procedure, the doctor that was the head of the practice called us into his office to make sure we received and understood there letter, and that if I needed the CVS test that they wouldn't do it. We confirmed that we understood and we started to explain what had happened and the doctor cut Mark off and said, "I understand you like to be treated like royalty." It was absolutely horrible and THANK GOD that the Nuchal was great results and we didn't need a CVS test after all. To give you an example of just how horrible this front office was, I just called them so they could help remind me of the dates I visited them, and I was on hold for over thirty minutes before I gave up. 

I'm now about thirteen weeks pregnant and without a doctor... OMG! This was nerve wracking! Any doctor that was referred to me or that my insurance took was full for patients delivering in June. I never heard of this before. A doctor being full, but then again it was the first time I was having a baby and in this situation. Finally one night at dinner with our dear friends, Ekat and Rudy, they said, "You have to call my doctor. She's the best." They both raved about her and she delivered both of their two girls. Well thanks to the Gofmans we were able to get an appointment with Dr. Jane Kaufman, because she to was full and not accepting new patients.