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Hear about all the ups and downs of Robyn's pregnancy.

Apr 22, 20110

May 15th 2010

My New York baby showe at the GW in Roslyn, NY. My Mom and my sister Ashley did an unbelievable job, it was absolutely AMAZING! We had so much fun, and I felt SO SPECIAL...

May 18th 2010

We find out where we were getting married, and Mark is freaking out that it's not at the St. Regis, The Pierre or The Plaza. Quite frankly, I was THRILLED and trying to not let him get to me and bring him to undrstand how GREAT this was. We are having a wedding and how great is it that we really don't have to stress over every detail... At this point I just wanted the day to come... 

May 23rd 2010

I'm now FREAKING OUT! I'm getting married in six days, and I only had one dress fitting and I HATED THE DRESS since the first time I saw it in the dressing room with Rosie. 

May 24th 2010

I meet with one of Rosie's assistants at a tailor at about 6pm who looked at this horrible shop worn dress on me and said, "I cant fix this. It won't come out good." This is not happening... The assistant suggests that I take the dress with me to a tailor that I might know... 

May 25th 2010

I go to the tailor that Mark took his tux too. He fixed Mark's tux pretty quickly and my tailor is all the way out on Long Island so I head to 57th street. Jose the tailor promised me that this was an easy job, and that my dress would be ready on Thursday.

May 27th 2010

Thursday I head over to Jose, I was hoping for miracles, he was supposed to transform this rag into what would make me look like a Greek Goddess... I think I actually screamed, I definitely cried... He was so nervous he tried to work on it while I was there and he just kept making it worse. My left boob was literally falling out when I leaned over, and it scrunched up my boobs. I could never wear this dress. I called Rosie freaking out and she promised we'd work everything out... 


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